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2020 Annual Report Published

03/09/2021, 4:45pm CST
By Esti Koen

Annual report published!

For the full 2020 Annual Report, and FY-2020 Income Statement see:


In 2020, our beloved dragon boats took a break.  We found new ways to be together. We zoomed. We kayaked. We reimagined our traditions. We created the un-festival. We golfed. We trained online. We held educational and inspirational webinars. We read and discussed at book club, and scrabbled. We reached out to other breast cancer survivors through the Saint Paul West Side Clinic, offering holiday support.  We sustained our friendships and met new survivors.

With indoor venues closed, our fundraising effort swerved. We held our spring plant sale, facilitated by Costa Farm and Greenhouse. We were a beneficiary of MOA Brighton’s Power of Pink charity initiative in October. For our first drive-through BBQ fundraiser, the Divas worked with the Masons, and welcomed the Saint Paul Vulcans! Thanks to generous help from supporters, we purchased 2 kayaks, on-line fitness classes, software for communication and accounting, and we were able to meet our operating costs. 

COVID-19 has had such a wide-ranging effect on the world, from tragedy previously unimagined, to a rediscovery of our shared essence, and a reinvention of ways to be in caring relationships.  Looking forward with hope keeps us going. Here are a few 2020 silver linings, contributed by members at our Annual Fall Meeting: Zoom almost anywhere for anything. Re-experience lack of schedule. Grounding. Time to ponder. Reconnection. Grandbabies. Daughter’s engagement and upcoming small family wedding. Working from home has been a joy and an eye-opener on what the future might hold. Keeping up with laundry! No need to pack lunches, put dog in a kennel, or ride the bus daily.


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