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Words from a Diva

09/02/2013, 11:15am CDT
By Dragon Divas

Divas surge ahead in LaCrosse race

First, LaCrosse Divas… Wow! What a GREAT first experience! THANK YOU ALL!! With Karen, I, too, am learning much about the meaning of team both on and off the water. You’re great teachers and teammates, and you know how to have FUN! :) It takes awhile to create connections and to find one’s place in a group. Thanks for helping us newbies feel more “at home.”

Second, Megan, great coaching as always. My “aha” this weekend came in the second heat when we started nearly 1/2 length behind the other boat and were still able to win. I see clearly how keeping a calm mind, consistent form and technique is far more efficient than “panic paddling.” Being in a race situation competing with other teams, I now get in a more tangible way, the difference between speed and power. And being able to better our time each race was AMAZING.

Third, Margie, You were so well organized, and the detailed emails were really helpful to me as a first-timer. You made the travel and logistics of the days so easy and worry-free!

Finally, to my sister divas who may not have yet signed up for a festival. Please give it a try! Come to Phalen! Come to Superior! It is SO worth it!

For me it’s about so much more than a race. It’s about supporting one another as a team… the camaraderie… being inspired and inspiring others to know there is LIFE after cancer, and it can actually be FUN! The hardest part of my cancer experience was that it sucked the JOY out of life AND my physical strength. Thanks to the Divas and great coaching/practices, I am having more FUN than ever, and enjoying new-found and ever-improving STRENGTH. That’s the message I want to share with other breast cancer survivors. When we show up at a festival, we offer living proof of exactly that!

There were four BCS teams at the festival. To be with other survivors, to be affirmed by the ceremonies and the crowds, was very moving. And collectively, I think we showed that together, we are strong and we are capable of more than others (even we) might think. It was truly an uplifting experience.

Thanks everybody! Dragon Divas team spirit and commitment to excellence continues to inspire me (and hopefully, other BCS teams).

So grateful to be a Diva! Jill

Thank you, Diva Jill, for sharing this with our team following our races at the Big Blue Dragon Boat Races in LaCrosse, Wisconsin back in early July, and for agreeing to letting us share this with all of you. This is why we do what we do, and what it can mean for ourselves and for our community.

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