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The Manitou Days Parade in White Bear Lake on June 19 was a great occasion for sharing our mission.

Manitou Days Parade in White Bear Lake, June 19, 2015

07/06/2015, 9:45pm CDT
By Diva Admin

Together we demonstrate strength!

On a wonderful June evening, 14 Divas proudly walked alongside our beautifully decorated Nessie to hold our banner, protect her trailer wheels, assure the safety of the parade audience, and pass out candy, pencils, balls, leis, and balloons to the children.  Pete was our angel Divo as he pulled Nessie through tight spots for an appreciative crowd.

When asked about the experience, one of our Diva newbies said, “White Bear Lake proudly represents itself as 'The City of Friendly People and Good Living'. It was a great privilege to walk with my fellow Divas and proudly say that together we demonstrate strength by our willingness to expose ourselves as survivors to help educate others on the importance of physical exercise for breast cancer survivors. What better place to do this than in the city known for its friendly people and good living?”

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