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First Race of the Season!

07/06/2015, 10:15pm CDT
By Diva Admin

First Place! The first festival of our tenth season, Breast Cancer Survivor Division

The Dragon Divas paddled their first race of the season in Madison, Wisconsin on June 20. The first festival of our tenth season was a great success!  We paddled well and won the Breast Cancer Survivor division quite handily, beating the next closest team by more than three seconds.  Our best time was in the last race of the Silver division consolation final.  We finished in 1:25:95.  Going into that race we were 11th of 35 teams. 

We paddled in drizzle and even a downpour, we had a near collision, and we witnessed another boat capsize, so it was certainly a day full of excitement.  It was also a day full of camaraderie and fun.  The team adjusted to changing race times and changing weather in the true Diva spirit.  The atmosphere in the tent was extremely positive and supportive.  

And,  Nell and Michelle are no longer newbies!  They paddled in their first race and came home with medals!  Leah, another newbie, came to cheer us on.

 “Someone asked me what I enjoyed most about paddling in my first Festival.  My immediate response was the ‘feel’ and the ‘sounds’. The sound the water makes as you pull your paddle through it. The feel of the boat lifting up and moving forward because of the power we as a group possess. The sound and feel of the team congratulating each other on a job well done. This newbie is hooked!” -- Michelle

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