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Superior Weekend, Superior Racing!

09/08/2015, 9:15pm CDT
By Diva Admin

The Dragon Divas had a great weekend at Superior Dragon Boat races on August 22.

Dragon boat racing is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world and this festival is one of the largest of its kind!  82 teams raced a 375 meter course, and over 7000 people attended Superior Wisconsin's "Superior Dragon Boat Festival".  

Our 2 teams, Dragon Divas and Dragon Divas Too were in the all women’s division.  The Dragon Divas did so well that they were able to race a 3rd time for a medal, but didn’t quite finish for a medal in the women’s division. They took first place in the Breast Cancer division!   The Dragon Divas Too raced twice and improved their time in the second race.  

8 newbies participated in this festival and enjoyed lots of laughs and camaraderie with their fellow Diva sisters, friends, and family. The pot luck Friday night was great!  The chicken, thanks to Baiba’s husband and his helpers, was delicious and the food kept us going all day.

The weather, thankfully cooperated! After sun, wind, and clouds, the rain arrived when we were all done paddling.  I heard one of the newbie’s say, "I never realized how much fun it is to work so hard".  Well said, newbie!   

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