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The 2016 Superior Festival was a fun and memorable conclusion to our 2016 season.

09/05/2016, 9:15pm CDT
By Divas admin

Race day started off with rain, but that didn't deter Team Spirit and Team Harmony!

This was the first festival for Laurie Waschbusch and Patricia Moffit and the first 'away' festival for Kris Kunze.  Welcome new Divas!  

We skipped the parade this year because we didn't have enough time to practice, AND parade, AND enjoy our traditional potluck dinner.  We had our potluck dinner at the Marina Clubhouse. It was such a beautiful setting. Hopefully we can do it again next year!

The guest speaker on race eve was an elite athlete, skater and coach with the UMD hockey program, who has won countless awards.  In the height of her career, she was diagnosed with a very rare liver disease, had an emergency liver transplant, and has suffered many complications due to this disease. Her story was remarkable and extremely inspirational to us all.

Race day started off with rain, but that didn't deter Team Spirit and Team Harmony. We ROCKED!   What we expected to be a 350 meter race, turned out to be 432 meters!  Harmony finished 39th out of 69 teams, and was 5th in the Womens' Division.  Nice job everyone!  Spirit finished 11th overall, and took home the Silver Medal in the Womens' Division, 2.6 seconds away from first place!  

For all of you cheering from the sidelines, and from home, WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!  We felt your presence and loved the support.  

Our 2016 season is now over, and we have MUCH to be thankful for and MUCH to be proud of.  Great job, Divas!  Paddles up!

Dragon Divas at the 2016 Superior Festival

On the dragon, Superior 2016

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